Friday, April 21, 2017

Orange You Glad I'm Back?

So, I haven't blogged for a while.  I've missed it.  Not sure if you have missed me though.  I've been sick - but I am on the road to recovery!  And while being ill, my taste-buds were rendered useless.   I hope everyone had a nice Easter.  This salad reminds me of the many family gatherings that we once had on my maternal side of the family.  Enjoy!

Orange Fluff Jell-o Salad
Serves 8

1 Small Box Orange Jell-o
1 Cup Cottage Cheese
1 Small Can Mandarin Oranges
1-8oz Container Cool Whip + more for garnish if desired

Step 1:  Prepare Jello according to the package and chill until firm.

Step 2:  Once Jello is firm, mash with fork.  Add the cottage cheese and stir until well combined.  You can use the electric mixer for this if you wish - it will break up the cottage cheese into smaller bits.

Step 3:  Fold in the Cool Whip into the Jello.

Step 4:  Gently fold in the drained oranges into the Jello mixture.

Step 5:  Chill until ready to serve.  Enjoy!

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