Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year - Iced Latte

Happy New Year and Happy New Blog!  Welcome to Sweet Lucy's Culinary Creations.

I thought I would kick off this blog the same way I do each morning - with a cup of iced jo.  You know what I mean - jo, joe, java, coffee . . . .sweet, delicious, kickstartmyheart, coffee.

Morning Iced Latte
1.5 Cups Cold Milk
3 Teaspoons Instant Espresso
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
1 Teaspoon Sugar

First, gather up your delicious friends (ingredients) as well as grab your favorite glass.  Please note:  this is my favorite glass.

Next, add the instant espresso.  This stuff is phenomenal   Really.  I cannot lie.  I love, love, love instant espresso.  It's getting much easier to find in grocery stores too.  Formerly, it was a quite the specialty item.  It's very versatile and can boost any chocolate recipe too.  But I digress. . ..

And then the Vanilla.  I use the cheap stuff, I cannot lie.  I have no problem with the cheapo stuff for my daily coffee.  Save the expensive/high quality Vanilla for your yummy baked goods.

Oops . . .almost forgot our friend White Granulated Sugar.

Stir it all up . . .I know it doesn't look like much, but I promise you it will be divine in just a few short moments.  Just hang with me.

Pour in your cold milk.  I prefer skim.  For a treat, I use 2%.  Most days though, I use skim milk.  And don't forget to spill a little.  Never trust a skinny cook OR somebody with an impeccably clean kitchen.

Stir it all together with your favorite spoon.  Did I mention I have a favorite spoon?  It's very well loved (used).  Sadly, this one isn't it though.  Although, they are in the same family.  My favorite one is actually this same spoon . . .except it's blue (not pink).  I think they were billed as ice cream/milkshake spoons.  I use them for coffee :)

Add some ice if you would like.  Otherwise, tackle this tall, cold one straight on.  I prefer a little ice.  And a straw - I'm a straw addict.  I cannot lie.  I have issues drinking icy beverages from a cup without a straw.  Oh the horror!  But, back to the deliciousness of the subject matter . . . . .  Enjoy!

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