Friday, June 6, 2014

Coconut Topped Brownies

Here is an easy recipe that is reminiscent of a Mounds bar + brownie.  If you love coconut and you love brownies . .. this is for you.  Besides the flavor, I love the stark contrast of the colors.  Please excuse me while I go stuff my face with another one of these.

Coconut Topped Brownies

1 Box Brownie Mix + Ingredients to Bake
2 Cups Coconut
2 Tablespoons Corn Syrup

Step1:  Prepare brownies as directed on the box.  In order to support the coconut later, you may want to go for either the smaller pan option or the 'cakey' version of the brownie.  I baked mine in a bar pan, which is approximately 11x7 inches.  Bake according to package instructions.

Step 2:  Allow the brownies to cool completely.  Meanwhile, in a medium bowl - add your coconut.  Then, add the corn syrup.  Stir together until the syrup is incorporated with the coconut thoroughly.  Please note, this will be very sticky!

Step 3:  Once the brownies are cool, spread out the coconut on top of the brownies.  This will be very sticky . . .be gentle.  You likely won't get a 'smooth' spread on top.  Be careful not to tear the brownies!  Just gently dab the coconut to spread it out.

For storing, please be sure to cover tightly otherwise the coconut will dry out and become hard.


Please Note:  If you are making a 9x13 pan of brownies, you may want to double the coconut/corn syrup topping part of the recipe.

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