Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Foodie Penpal Reveal Day #2

Happy Foodie Penpal Day!

If you've been reading anything about the Midwest lately - you may have realized that we are being bombarded with snow this spring.  And - it's making everyone a little grouchy.  I think we are approaching 6 months of snow.  Uff da.

But wanna know what makes my day brighter?

Receiving fun packages in the mail!  Even if I have to lug them back to the house through the snow laden driveway.  

This month my Food Penpal Package arrived from Athens, GA.

As you can see - there is some yummy stuff in there:

1.  Banana Bread Mix from Trader Joe's - I've only ever baked banana bread from scratch.  However, I am excited to try this out - because it's something I would never buy. . .and it's always good to try out new things.  Furthermore, I've never ate a banana bread I didn't like.  Ever.  True Story.

2.  Mountain Trail Mix - Nuts, chocolate candies, raisins oh-my!  I'm not sure who tore into it first:  my daughter or my hubby.

3.  Clover Blossom Honey - YUM.  I loves me some honey.  Especially on waffles.  With bacon.  Would it be wrong to have that for dinner twice in three days?  

4.  Dried Mango Strips - now this is something  I've truly never had.  I do like mango.  In fact, my son and I just devoured one the other week (the little monkey thought it was the best fruit he had ever eaten).  So, I'm very curious to try this dried version.  

Curious about the Foodie Penpal Program?  Head over to The Lean Green Bean for more details!


  1. This looks awesome! I just found foodie pen pals and can't wait until I can do it next month! Thanks for the great recipes!

    1. You will love it! It's so much fun :) You do need to sign up every month, which is nice. Unfortunately, I forgot to sign up for this month but will hopefully do so for the next opportunity.