Friday, June 14, 2013

Dulce de Leche Chocolate Truffles

The son of a friend of ours recently graduated high school.  And guess where he is going to college . . . .to my Alma mater!  I'll give you a hint . . . 

"Hail the Bison, Hail the Bison .. . ."

Still no clue?  Well, it's North Dakota State University.  And I'm pretty excited that he is going there.  Well, I'm excited when anyone I know decides to go to school there - not just him.

To celebrate, I made some truffles in school colors:  Green and Gold.  

How could I resist?  

I've made thousands of truffles . . .I've been rolling them now for almost 20 years.  I certainly have my favorite recipes.  however, whenever it comes to summertime - I get a little nervous about the weather:  specifically the heat and the humidity.  

And then I had a thought.  I love this blog - Hungry Happenings - this lady is my hero.  She makes such cool stuff .. .and is so incredibly creative!  I've had my eye on this recipe for a while.  I was intrigued by using the dulce de leche . . .and wondered if it could double as a filling for a truffle.  And so I tried it.  And it was wonderful.  

And don't be intimidated by these tasty morsels - they are very easy to make!  

Dulce de Leche Chocolate Truffles
Yield:  approx. 40 truffles using a 1-inch scoop

Ingredients for the Truffle Centers:
1 (13.4 oz) can of Dulce de Leche (I found it in the Hispanic section of our grocery store)
14 oz Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Ingredients for Coating:
1 lb and 4 oz of Vanilla Candy Coating
Optional:  Colored Candy Coating for decorating

To make the truffle centers:  
Step 1:  In a double-boiler, melt the the chocolate chips.  
Step 2:  Once the chocolate is melted and smooth, add in the Dulce de Leche.  Keep stirring until it is completely blended.  This may take a little work, but it will come together. Cover and let rest for about a 1/2 hour.
Step 3:  Line two baking sheets with wax paper.
Step 4:  Pinch off small pieces of the chocolate dough or use a small scoop.  Roll it into a ball.  Experiment with a variety of sizes to decide what size you like best.  I have a small, 1-inch scoop that I've used for years.   With your hands, roll the dough into a smooth ball and the place on the wax paper.  Repeat until all dough is rolled into balls.

To Dip:
Step 1:  In a double-boiler, melt the vanilla candy coating until smooth.  Let it cool down until you can easily touch it without it being too hot.   You want it to be fluid and warm, not hot.  

Step 2:  Dip each chocolate ball into the white coating (one at a time).  I like to do so by tipping the bowl slightly side-ways, tossing the ball in it, retrieving it with a fork and then tapping the fork to remove any excess coating.  Place on wax paper to set.  Repeat until are truffle centers are coated.

Step 3:  Decorate at own will :)  I melted a little green candy coating and also gold candy coating to drizzle atop the candies.  

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  1. I'm so happy to hear you like this recipe. I've used it so many different times to make fun edible craft projects. It tastes great and is so easy to make. Thanks for sharing a link to my site. Happy cooking!

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings