Friday, February 12, 2016

Cloud Bread

Have you ever come across a recipe that just sounded so interesting that you had to try it?  This recipe is one of those for me.  I've seen it around the web in varying forms, but finally just had to give it a try.  It is a carb-free recipe . . .but that doesn't really interest me.  I was more intrigued by the fact that so few ingredients when prepared the right way . . .could taste unlike their original form.  In this recipe, you take eggs and cream cheese . . .and in the end, the final product doesn't even taste like cream cheese OR eggs.  ** Mind.Blown**  What you do end up with though - is a very soft, pillow-y and delicious bread substitute.  One thing about this recipe though - it was super simps because I had the right tools.  If I didn't have a mixer or my mini food processor, I'm not sure it would have turned out so well.  Regardless, everyone in my family loved the 'bread' and is already begging for it again.

Cloud Bread
Yield:  9 Pieces

3 Eggs
3 Tablespoons Cream Cheese (or 1.5 ounces total - if you prefer to go by weight)
1/4 Teaspoon Cream of Tartar

Step 1:  Preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  Next, line a very large baking sheet with parchment paper - or use two smaller baking sheets.  Set aside.

Step 2:  Separate the eggs.  Place the egg whites in one bowl, egg yolks in a different bowl.

Step 3:  Add the cream cheese to the egg yolks.  With a fork, mash and blend until it becomes fully combined.  If you have a small food processor - you can use it here instead doing this the old-fashioned-by-hand method.  Set aside.

Step 4:  Add the cream of tartar to the egg whites.  Whip the egg whites until stiff peaks form. 

Step 5:  Fold the yolk mixture into whipped egg whites.  Do this very gently and until just combined.

Step 6:  Scoop the mixture by spoonfuls out onto the parchment paper.  I used an ice-cream scoop and got 9 rounds.  Depending on how stiff you beat your egg whites, you may want to flatten them a bit.  They don't really spread while baking.  Season with crushed rosemary.

Step 7:  Place in the oven and bake for 17-20 minutes, they will be a light tan color.  Then, turn on the broiler (or crank the heat) and bake a minute or two longer until the tops brown.  Remove from the oven and cool slightly before serving.

To store, place in an air tight container.  However, I doubt they'll last long enough to actually store!

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