Monday, September 30, 2013

Foodie Penpal Reveal Day #3

Happy Foodie Penpal Day!

Do you know what I love more than chocolate and coffee??  A FOODIE PENPAL WHO SENDS ME CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE!

This month my Foodie Penpal Package arrived from Texas. 

As you can see - there is some yummy stuff in there:

1.  Spinach & Kale Chips - This was a new experience for me . ..and I really liked them!  Excellent flavor and super crunchy.

2.  Kashi Bars - It's been a while since I had Kashi bars, so I hadn't had this flavor.  Very yum.  Not too sweet and nice kick of salt in them.

3.  Roasted Seaweed Snacks (Honey Mustard flavor) - Haven't tried these yet.  They definitely sound interesting.

4.  Peet's Coffee - good timing on this one!  We were nearly out of coffee and this was opened and brewed soon after receiving :)  I haven't seen this brand at the grocery store - but it is delicious.

5.  Barney Butter - Almond butter, what's not to love?

6.  Mexican Chocolate - I am very excited about this one.   Many, many moons ago I went on a high school trip (including a family stay) to Mexico.  They really do have the best hot chocolate.  Hoping to use this to create a fabulous mug of said liquid.

7.  Lindt Chocolate Bars - really?  Do I need to say anything else!  *I <3 Chocolate*

8.  Pink Onion Salt - not sure how I'll use this yet, but it will happen soon . . I'm sure of it.

9.  Berry Fruit Strips - Very yummy.  Not too sweet and too chewy.  Excellent.

Curious about the Foodie Penpal Program? Head over to The Lean Green Bean for more details!

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