Friday, September 20, 2013

Malt Chocolate Cake

I love to bake.  It's no secret.  And a while back my mother-in-law gave me an old calendar that had some recipes in it from the local creamery.  First it sat on the counter.  Then it made it's way to the cupboard . . .and there it sat for about a year and a half.  Until the other day that is.  I was in the cupboard to grab something and shebam, it fell out of the cupboard.  And seeing as I was in one of those cleaning moods . . .it was time to go through it and file it away appropriately.  

And this cake, OMG, it is da bomb!  Evilly delicious. And super simps.  

Malt Chocolate Cake 
(Hastings Creamery Calendar)


For the Cake:
2 Cups Flour
1 and 1/2 Cups Sugar
1/4 Cup Malt Powder
6 Tablespoons Unsweetened Cocoa
1 Teaspoon Salt
1 Tablespoon Baking Soda
1 Egg, Beaten
2/3 Cup Oil
1 Cup Buttermilk
1 Cup Hot Coffee

For the Frosting:
14 Tablespoons Butter, softened
3 Cups Powdered Sugar
2 Teaspoons Unsweetened Cocoa
1/2 Cup Malt Powder
4 Teaspoons Milk

For the Cake . . . .
Step 1:  Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Grease and flour a 9x13 cake pan.  Set aside.

Step 2:  Combine the flour, sugar, malt, salt, baking soda and cocoa in a large bowl.

Step 3:  Stir in the beaten egg, oils and buttermilk and mix until combined.

Step 4:  Slowly stir in the hot coffee.  Mix until the ingredients are well combined, scraping the sides and bottom of the bowl as necessary.  This will be a very thin batter.

Step 5:  Pour the batter into the cake pan.  Bake the cake for 30-35 minutes, until the top springs back when touched and a cake tester comes out clean.  Cool completely before frosting it.

For the Frosting. . . .
Step 1:  Beat the softened butter in a medium bowl.  Gradually add in the powdered sugar, cocoa, malt powder and milk.  Mix until well combined.

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